Submissions for the Initial Release Tracks have Concluded!
Can I still submit?
Yes you can! While there is not time to include your game in the initial release, we may still add additional songs in future game updates after release - either directly or as DLC. If you'd like to submit your song please continue to use the submission steps below.
What if my song isn't selected?
Don't fret (pun intended)! Groove Gunner supports custom songs, and a full editor (the very same editor we use for featured songs) will be included at release. You will have the opportunity to share your music with other Groove Gunner players by using the editor to craft your unique chart and stage show. Not feeling so tech-savvy? Hop on our discord and someone in the community may be able to help you out.
Submit your song to be featured in Groove Gunner!
Groove Gunner is all about shooting and blocking to perfectly timed beats and grooving along to some awesome songs. There is only one thing better than that. Players grooving to YOUR song!

This is a chance for any artist to have their song included in a video game where the focus is on the music. Groove Gunner is made up of many genres of music from all over the world. Below are the instructions on how to get your music to us, what you’ll need to supply, and answers to some common questions.
Why should my band or I submit a song?
One of our goals in creating this game is to help other artists. If your song is picked, every person that plays Groove Gunner is most likely going to hear it at least once as opposed to it being lost in a sea of songs like some other online music promotion services.
Do we get paid to be in the game?
As artists ourselves, we understand that exposure isn't everything. We will be sharing a percentage of the revenue received with any artists we include in the game as a featured artist. Submitting a song for review does not constitute an agreement for us to use your song, or for an artist to receive compensation, and artists will receive a copy of the revenue sharing and licensing agreement when selected.
What type of music can be submitted for the game?
All types! Seriously, we want this to be an experience for everyone no matter what type of music they like. That means not just electronic, and not just rock. Featured song selections include music from various genres that we feel fit the game and are appropriate for a wide audience.
How are songs selected to appear in the game?
When songs are submitted, we review the songs and any accompanying artwork. We look for things such as quality of music (recording quality, on-tempo) and quality of assets that go along with the song, the suitability of the song for this style of game, and the number of other songs in similar genres already included.
How many songs will be in the game?
We will continue to add new songs as long as there is sufficient player interest.
Who is eligible?
Artists that have 100% rights to their own music, or a label that is willing to work with the submission terms we will provide if your song is selected. Submitting your song for review does not constitute an agreement for us to use your song, it is for the sole purpose of evaluating the suitability of your song.
When do submission need to be in?
Submissions have closed for the initial release. New submissions will be considered for future updates or expansions of the game.
What will I need to submit?
Here is a list of assets you will need.
  • Songs must be recorded in a professional manner and submitted in a high quality format (ideally lossless). This doesn’t mean you have to shell out thousands on a recording studio, many people record their own music and make it sound fantastic. Quality of songs should include a good mix, volume, and be recorded to a click track/on beat. We don’t care what bpm your song is or if the timing changes half way through, as long as it’s consistent. More than likely a live recording of a song will not be selected unless we find it is on beat and sounds great.
  • Song artwork or album cover.
  • At least 3 other high quality images or videos - the more the better. This can be live photos or videos of you playing, music videos, artwork that the band has created, clothing designs, or anything else as long as it was created by the artist or the artist has all rights to the assets. These items will be displayed on the screens at both sides of the stage and in background imagery.
If your song is selected, we will work with you to collect the song and other assets in the best format and quality. Lower quality samples can be sent for initial submission, but final song and artwork assets will need to be provided at a minimum quality for inclusion in the game. Artwork should be available in a minimum resolution of 512x512.
How do I submit?
Discord - Join the Groove Gunner Discord and message either Taylor or Mike -

Email - Email us at (songs or other assets should not be attached to email, but should instead be hosted elsewhere (e.g. SoundCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc) with a link provided in the email.

Make sure to join us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates on the game and the contest!