VR Rhythm with Shooting and Blocking
Accurately timed and aimed shots feel satisfying and natural. A mix of shooting targets and blocking bullets makes you feel like a true hero while you move, shoot and block to the beat.
Unique Light Shows and Themes
Each song in the game has a custom light and stage show with assets from musical artists such as album covers, live footage, and images. The perfectly timed stage show accents and amplifies each song.
Song Editor at Launch!
The same editor that we use to put in our featured songs will be available to all owners of the game. The editor is intuitive and powerful, and any artist can put their own music in Groove Gunner!
A wide variety of musical genres...
Artists that appear in Groove Gunner are hand selected from a group of very talented artists who submitted their music for a chance to be in the game. We are still taking submissions for future updates to the game. If you have a band or make music on your own, please submit your song. We'd love to hear it!
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